Replacing Crystal Way Items

by Govell Mihdren

Needed: Way quest staff, not 50/50 need to have lost some Q.

You Say: Hello Govell, I wonder if you might help repair my staff?
Govell Mihdren appears to enjoying the light of the crystal.
Govell Mihdren says: It would appear you have been taking your training very seriously, despite the fact these staffs are not meant as weapons…

You Say: I have been training, sometimes creatures get too close and need a swift deterrent.
Govell Mihdren smirks.
Govell Mihdren says: Some times they do indeed.
Govell Mihdren says: As you hold the highest rank of Way Master of the Crystal Way it is still important that the items you possess are in good quality so you reflect well on the Circle and your fellow Mages.
Govell Mihdren says: It will cost you 10,000 tria as these staves aren’t the easiest items to repair or make.

You Say: Here is my Master’s Staff and the tria.
Govell Mihdren smiles as he takes your items.
Govell Mihdren says: Try back tomorrow and I will have either a replacement for you or will have had this one repaired.

[TIMER 10 minutes]

After 1 minute:
You Say: I’m here to collect my Staff.
Govell Mihdren Mihdren holds out his Magic Staff of Radiant Light.
Govell Mihdren says: I was thinking of letting you have this to reward your lack of patience.
Govell Mihdren says: Instead..
Govell Mihdren says: No.
Govell Mihdren winks at you and smiles.

After 10 minutes:
You Say: I’m here to collect my Staff.
Govell Mihdren says: Hello Dalos.
Govell Mihdren says: Could not get your staff repaired in a reasonable time.
Govell Mihdren says: It would appear our crafters have better things to do than repair a careless Master’s Staffs.
Govell Mihdren says: I have, however, gotten a new one to replace your old one.
Govell Mihdren says: You’re lucky…

Reward: You received Master’s Crystal Way Staff.

I think this quest is available from all Archmage of each Way Circles.