Building a Bulwark (Beniua Busuka)


  • The Carkarass Shield Quest (Harnquist)
  • 3 Wheel Shields (but can be any shield in the Shadow and Sunshine shield design)

You say: I can help provide you with shields if you need them.
Beniua Busuka says: I’m very glad to hear it, but I must stress that we cannot accept inferior craftsmanship, and I have little tolerance for late deliveries.
Beniua Busuka says: Also, you must provide your own materials, and there are precious few merchants or sources of ore in this region.
Beniua Busuka says: That being said, I can pay you for your efforts and give you the chance to earn the respect of both the Sunshine and Shadow Squadrons.
Beniua Busuka says: Are you willing to proceed?

You say: I’m ready and willing to do my part, Administrator Busuka.
Beniua Busuka gives you a slight but sincere smile.
Beniua Busuka says: Simply Beniua will do, and I am glad to hear that you can help us.
Beniua Busuka says: With the increased attacks we have an almost never-ending need for armaments of all sorts.

You say: What kind of shields do you need me to make?
Beniua Busuka says: A troop of mercenaries that does some work for us is in need of shields, and while we don’t normally supply mercenaries they’ve lost a few members lately while coming to our aid.
Beniua Busuka says: It would seem ungrateful not to help them in return.
Beniua Busuka says: Please make three wheel shields as soon as you are able, and I will make sure they get to the troop in question.

You say: I’m sorry, but what shields did you ask me to make?
Beniua Busuka says: Three wheel shields, please.

You say: Here are the shields you asked for, Beniua.
Beniua Busuka says: Good to see you back so soon.
Beniua Busuka says: Here’s is your pay, and the shields?
Beniua Busuka hands you your pay as she takes the shields.
Beniua Busuka says: I’m sure they will be happy with these.
Beniua Busuka says: If you can, check back in later to see if we need any more shields.

Rewards: Shield Making +1, 15 000 expience points & 75 PPs, 65 Circle, 3 Octa, 1 Hexa & 1 tria


The Statue of Limitations from Kerrick

Required: Ancient Statue quest item from the previous quest in the Talad chain. (All in a Day’s Work quest

I personnaly had this quest reseted once by a GM because i was stuck at some point.
in another way that seemed to be a lot more funny, saying No when Kerrick asked me to go to Quasus.

You Say: Look at this! Have you ever seen something like this?
-Kra studies the statue.-
Kerryk Cor says: This looks ancient.
Kerryk Cor says: Have you shown this to the Priest, Quasus Adyum?

You Say: [You hesitate.] To Quasus? No. Why should I do that?
Kerryk Cor says: It may be in the tradition of statuary from the founding of the Keep.
Kerryk Cor says: Kra might know more.
Kerryk Cor says: I have thoughts…
Kerryk Cor says: If you want to hear them?

You Say: Maybe I will do that. Yes, your thoughts. What can you tell me about it?
-Kra studies the statue again closely.-
Kerryk Cor says: The metal is unusual, you might ask our Smith about that.
Kerryk Cor says: Yes, the Smith, go to kra first.
Kerryk Cor says: These gems?
Kerryk Cor says: Perhaps blood rubies, perhaps onyx, perhaps Shadow diamonds.
Kerryk Cor says: Ask Lyrus, Gugrontid’s jeweller.
Kerryk Cor says: The only statue with a shape similar to this I has ever heard of…
-At this, Kerryk lowers his voice.-
Kerryk Cor says: …was in Dakkru’s Realm: if you are brave enough to take your own life, you might find answers somewhere.
Kerryk Cor says: The markings, like runes?
Kerryk Cor says: I cannot translate that, you need an expert.
Kerryk Cor says: That is all I know, if you need more research.
Kerryk Cor says: Ask a librarian in a bigger city perhaps.
Kerryk Cor says: That will be 20 tria for my services.
-Kra holds out kras hand.-

You Say: Twenty tria? All right, here, thanks for nothing much.
Kerryk Cor says: If you do want to know the story of this statue, it may take patience.
Kerryk Cor says: And there may be costs.
Kerryk Cor says: Talk to Gardr, Lyrus, a translator, and maybe even a librarian.
Kerryk Cor says: Good luck and may your fortune follow you, Stonehammer.

You Say: Here, I found this statue. You can have it.
-Kra looks up at you and the smallest of smiles develops on kras face. Kra takes the statue and admires it with reverence.-
Quasus Adyum says: Blessings of Talad upon you Stonehammer.
Quasus Adyum says: This is one of the missing icons from the founding of Gugrontid, given to Talad’s children to remember the deep relationship between Talad and Laanx and to remind us to forgive one another.
Quasus Adyum says: Thank you.
-Kra pulls out a pouch of tria.-
Quasus Adyum says: Here is a small reward.
Quasus Adyum says: May Talad and Laanx both shower blessings upon you.

Reward: 10800 exp, 54PPS, 5 Circles, 4 Hexa, 7 trias

note also that I added today 3 différents ending for the Dark Thief II…

Revisited Spellbook

I have revised the spell book. Added a quick search table on top with quick link to the spells. Added additional information to some of the spells. Values given are normalized to way-level 200, spell power 0%.

Please add/correct values if you have additional information.