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Our rules are simple: first, respect all residents of Yliakum…second pursue those activities that you enjoy the most. The guild will prosper when all members are doing what they prefer, in the manner they prefer to do it, as long as that does not intrude on others. Members are free to role play or not, but we encourage you to at least try a bit…cuz it’s fun. Game rules are to be respected, so chat in Main is IC…guild chat is OOC.

We offer a great deal of support with game mechanics, items that are hard to obtain when starting and solving quest problems. We also provide new players with crafted weapons shields, and helms. We are very patient with new players, we were all new once and recognize it is a hard journey…join us and we will assist.

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  1. Tareri

    Hi all remember me? I’m back after another extended absence, however there never seems to be anyone on at same time as me. If anyone needs anything for quests I always have lots of loot in storage so feel free to ask.

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